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Adventures of Derpy WoW Girls

Sorry I have not posted anything in weeks. I just ran out of game time and I’m kinda tight on money right now. I’ll  get it back this weekend tho :D so  can’t wait.

I don’t even remeber what Ham and I were talking about.

Winga- ugh it’s gona cost me to send it to her

Who could do such a thing?

AHH I got the mount it was so easy. This is gona be wingers mount now x3 .

I’m so bored ask my toons or me questions. :

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Lotuspaw - It’s not hurting to bad my gear keeps me safe.
Cinder- Umm you sure about your gear?

Sorry i have not posted anything in some time. I just have been doing stuff but ill get back to wow and posting again x3

I hate people targeting me or anything that is mine e .e, Ik I went over this but they still dont get it lol.

Well clearly my guild gets it xD

Hamtoro and I Winga, Ask us anything :D.
We are on the realm winterhoof, For the Horde but we do have ally for you on alliance x3 mostly horde tho. You guys will
somtimes see me on my monk Lotuspaw or hunter lagoona. This is a lil fun thing we have going. Thanks for following us :P
My ID tag thingy is Felicia#1172

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