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Adventures of Derpy WoW Girls

Today is my lucky day, I got loot on all my toons from ordos.

I can’t deal with this :

I’m to lazy can some one help me do old raids for stuff. You get stuff msg me and get stuff.

I love finding the fire seed things on my druid.

Ahh don’t worry I’m not dead just busy this summer. I’ll post some stuff this week.

He loves when we run this old raid, every time he plays in the lava.

That bow is to small for him, mine is like half my size and his is really small xD!!!!!

I herd Blizz is putting this lil guy in the vault. Lucky me I got him for 3k on the AH.

I got the money to get back on but I feel alone when I’m on. Most of my friends quite and I was kinda kicked out my raid group. So I don’t know why I should get back on until WLoD. I kinda want to RP but I don’t know anyone. If you’d like to play just message me then I’ll get back on.

I is out of money for de game time.

Winga, Ask me anything.
We are on the realm winterhoof, For the Horde but we do have ally for you on alliance mostly horde tho. You guys will
somtimes see me on my monk Lotuspaw or hunter lagoona. This is a lil fun thing we have going. Thanks for following us :P
My ID tag thingy is Felicia#1172

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