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Adventures of Derpy WoW Girls

Ahh my two babies look so cute. My shammy wouldnt work so I’ll show her a diff day.

Omg 4 more people until 200 followers. I think I will do a contest or give away for that achiv x3

This chick thinks she has a better mog them me, plz as if.

Sorry I have not posted anything, its that time of the year when I go back to high school. I have to get settled in with work ect. Ill post somthing later today for ya :D . wooot

I just got home and this was the very first thing I did. This is the stuff I fell in love with when I first started play WoW. OH OH OH I was reading some of the comments on youtube and its funny how people fight over lore but then got into racism and homophobia for some reason. I don’t think they need to go that far. But over all I loved it and can’t wait to play it.

Thats to long to wait I’ll be a work >: NOOOOOO

Hope he does not burn the bench.

Anonymous Asked:
ur forgetting the most important tag on the server pic! #GetTheFuckOverIt <3

My answer:

AHHHH I didn’t think of it at the time lol

Today is my lucky day, I got loot on all my toons from ordos.

I can’t deal with this :

Winga, Ask me anything.
We are on the realm winterhoof, For the Horde but we do have ally for you on alliance mostly horde tho. You guys will
somtimes see me on my monk Lotuspaw or hunter lagoona. This is a lil fun thing we have going. Thanks for following us :P
My ID tag thingy is Felicia#1172

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